Giveaway Time!

Y’know what we haven’t done around here in a very long time? A giveaway! And since it’s been so very long, we’re going to go for a three-fer. One lucky winner will win a $50 gift certificate, and two more will each win $10 certificates. Awesome! Yay gift certificates! You could buy this:

Apothecary SunSoap

Apothecary SunSoap

Or this:

Cold Water bath bomb

Cold Water Bath Bomb

Or maybe this:

Linden Blossom Shower Splash

Linden Blossom Shower Splash

…the possibilities are – well, OK, they’re not endless. But there’re a lot of darned possibilities, is my point.

So anyway, how do you enter this here giveaway, I hear you ask? Simple! Comment here on this post with why you love Foam on the Range! If you’re a long-time customer, let us know why; if you’ve just found us today, well, you may have to compliment us on our stunning photography or riveting product descriptions, but I’m sure you can think of something. Want a second chance to win? Oh, sure, why not. Go to our Facebook page OR our Google+ page and share the link to this post. (Only one win per person, though, even if by some freakish chance both of your entries come up in the random draw.)

Right. Go, ye, and enter the giveaway! You have until 8 pm Central on Monday, August 25 to enter. Winners will be announced Tuesday.

Note: If you haven’t commented on our blog before, the comment will be automatically screened until I have a chance to approve it. Nothing personal, it’s just set up that way so y’all don’t have to see a constant sea of comments trying to sell you dubious pharmaceuticals. I promise I’ll click it through as soon as I can – you don’t need to re-post!


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24 responses to “Giveaway Time!

  • Jez

    I love that your lip balms aren’t sticky, or gooey, or otherwise weird. They feel great on your lips, go on smoothly, and don’t have a weird smell! Yours is the ONLY TUBE I have ever finished 100%. I keep one at work next to my keyboard, one in my purse, one in the bathroom and a few others stashed away. BEST BALM EVER

  • Michael

    When my wife and I were in the hospital after our son was born your Blood Orange and Ginger conditioner is what got me feeling human again in the morning after getting only a couple of hours of sleep each night. The energizing smell did more to wake me up than even the massive amounts of coffee I was drinking to try to stay alert.
    It’s the best conditioner I’ve ever used. It works great and smells even better.

    • Amy Young

      Aww, thanks! I’m thrilled to have been able to contribute in even a small way to such a happy time. Sadly, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but thanks for participating!

  • Andrea

    I love your soaps because I know exactly what goes into them, they smell great, and they last a long time. I also very much love your hair detangler as it works better than anything I’ve ever tried on my kids very knotty hair.

    • Amy Young

      Anything that can take a few tears out of hair-combing is a worthy goal, says my seven-year-old self from the depths of the past, while hiding from the hairbrush. And hey, you won a $10 gift certificate! E-mail for details on how to claim it.

  • Stefanie

    One of the best things about Foam on the Range is the amount of great products out there. Your Range is vast and really does have something for everyone. I don’t break out in a rash or sneeze like I used to with regular soap. Recently though, now that I have a working kitchen again, I have been enjoying the Kitchen Sun Soap. Being able to make such a perfect product from our description was amazing and this soap is twice as good as the original we took the idea from. I look forward to new products every day and am always sad when I have too many soaps to add to the collection.

    • Amy Young

      The Kitchen Soap is on hiatus at the moment (but is still available at least for now on Amazon), but I’m thrilled you like it! Sadly, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but thanks for participating!

  • Jennifer

    I love to try interesting new products and the descriptions and glowing reviews make me long for my own 🙂

    • Amy Young

      Sadly, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but thanks for participating – and better luck next time! I’d love for you to have some of your own, too!

  • Debbie

    My friends rave about your products and your soap bars look so pretty. I’m gonna have to try some of your products out soon! Maybe a gift certificate would help me along.

    • Amy Young

      Alas, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but I hope you find a chance to see for yourself what all the buzz is about soon! And thanks for participating – better luck next time!

  • Natalie

    On rough days with 3 little kids running me ragged, I can get through almost anything knowing that at the end of the day I can climb into a hot bath that smells and feels divine thanks to Foam on the Range bath bombs (the Kindle and the glass of wine with that bath help, too).

    • Amy Young

      Any day that can’t be improved by a book, a glass of wine, and a hot bath with the right choice of fizzy is a bad, bad day indeed. Unfortunately, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but thanks for participating!

  • Lou Alice King

    I bought your soap at one of the Work Room bazaars. I really like the fragrances and the texture of the soap. I gave one of the bars I bought away as a birthday gift and already have Christmas gifting plans….

    • Amy Young

      Hooray, you won the $50 gift certificate! Congratulations! Contact me at for details on how to claim and redeem it. And we plan to be back at the Workroom in a bit over two weeks – maybe we’ll see you there!

      • Lou Alice King

        Hi – I’ve tried to let you know how excited I am to wind the $50 certificate and ask what I need to do to get it and the website keeps sending me to a consulting firm. Will contacting you this way work?

      • Amy Young

        How odd! I got an e-mail from you and replied with the gift certificate details, but evidently it didn’t turn up. I’ll try sending it again.

  • nicole d

    I love the all the flavors of lip balm you offer, so many to choose from. Would love to try the coffee and lemongrass.

  • Amanda Heyen

    I have some minor medical issues that can cause problems with dryness of my skin and brittle hair. Foam on the Range products have been the best thing I have tried to alleviate those issues. Not just the wonderful products, but the great information available on the site and fantastic customer service I have always gotten on product suggestions and options for scents that won’t aggravate my husband’s sensitivities. I’ve also given FotR products as gifts and will likely do so again in the future. I look forward to ordering more and trying some of the new products in the works!

    • Amy Young

      I’m so happy our products can help you (and him) with that! Sensitivities to various products on the market is one of the things that got me started down the path that has led me to this point in the first place, so I know how hard it can be to find the right thing Out There, and I always love hearing I’ve managed to help someone else find something, too.

      Alas, you didn’t win one of the gift certificates (this time!) but thanks for entering anyway!

  • Christi Powell Rippetoe

    BEST soap ever and thanks for the reminder that it’s time to order more!

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