Monthly Archives: September 2014

Special Soapy Club!

We’re trying something new around here! Remember the old Foam of the Month Club? Well, this is sort of like that, only almost entirely different.

…helpful, right? Lemme ‘splain. 

We have used the toolset available at Patreon to create a new soapy club that allows you to sign up to receive one-off, extra-special soapy creations, something between monthly and quarterly (it will vary, but it will only charge you as often as soaps are created). The first creation on-deck hasn’t been made yet, but it will be from the Pumpkin Spice school of inspiration, containing pumpkin puree and heavy cream, scented with spices and espresso. And who knows what we might come up with next!

Club soaps will be made in very, very limited quantities. You can claim a guaranteed bar by subscribing before a given batch is created. Any quantity in excess of what is claimed by club members will be available to the public for $8 plus shipping – but you could get it in the first place by signing up for $7, shipping included!

Interested? Click on through to the Patreon site to take a look at the details. You can even subscribe on behalf of a friend or family member as a fantastic gift that keeps on giving!

Hooray for Fall!

Well, OK, so it’s not technically fall yet for another three weeks. But it’s September, Labor Day has passed, most of the kiddies have started back to school, and there are Pumpkin Things on the shelves in the stores, so it’s sort of mostly fall, anyway. It’s honorary fall, that’s the ticket.

I don’t know why I’m so eager for fall this year – usually it’s because I’ve had my brains parboiled in July and August scorching heat, and I’m ready for some beautiful 50-degree mornings. But we’ve had substantially fewer than usual brain-parboiling days this summer (about which I am entirely happy!) and so there’s not quite the usual “please deliver us from this unrelenting heat” angle to the whole thing. But still, summer has had its day in the sun (less sun than usual notwithstanding), and I’m ready to move on to fall!

…besides, we have all these nifty fall soaps and such (two more coming out tomorrow, and the last two next week), and show season starts back up for us soon (watch this space to see where we’ll be headed first), and I’m just ready to get going! We took the summer off from doing shows, and while I think it was probably a good idea, I really have missed chatting with customers and the general hustle and bustle of craft show life. 

So anyway, let’s hear it for all things autumnal, and I hope to see y’all soon!