A Snapshot From A Show Weekend

We’ve cruised right on in into the busiest six weeks of the year, here at Foam on the Range, and couldn’t be happier! We went to our fifth Buttons & Bows in Manhattan, KS this past weekend, driving up on Friday and making our annual visit to the Little Apple Brewery for dinner to treat ourselves after setting up for Saturday’s show, then catching some sleep before heading back to put the finishing touches on our booth in the morning.

Then it was busy busy busy all day – and thank you so much to all of you who came by. Shows are a lot of work, but getting to talk face-to-face with customers and hear your stories really does make the whole thing worthwhile.

After the show was over, we packed up, loaded the remaining stock back in the car, and set out for home. We ended up driving through a beautiful prairie sunset in the Flint Hills (just exactly the sort of thing that inspired the Prairie Twilight soap in the first place) of which we dutifully attempted to snap a photo from the passenger seat. Sadly, it doesn’t manage to convey anything like the breathtaking scope of the 270-degree panorama of riotous colors, but it’s pretty anyway.


And then it was home and time for rest and recovery and then back to work! We’ve only got a few more appearances left this year – the Topeka Holiday Gift Mart (Nov. 22-23) and the Holiday Swing Fair in Kansas City (Dec. 5-6), and then an open house here in Wichita about which we’ll announce more details later – but we hope you can stop in at one of them.

If you can’t make it to any of our shows the rest of this year but still want to give the gift of Foam this holiday season, do please drop by the Etsy or Amazon shop and take a look around.


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