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No Such Thing As “Too Pretty To Use”

In five years of sitting and standing behind tables at craft shows and markets, I have heard many, many remarks from browsers/shoppers, and not all of them are very nice. But by far the majority of people are quite polite and complimentary – or at least they think they’re being complimentary. One of my favorites is “Did you make all these?!”, which I know about half the time actually means “My goodness, I am impressed that you could make these” and the other half represents genuine attempts to determine whether these are directly-handcrafted goods or a reselling operation, which in the current marketplace is a fair question. I always respond with a cheery “Yep, sure did!” and leave it at that, but as anyone who knows me personally can attest, I have a bit (well, OK, more than a bit) of a smart-alecky streak, and sometimes it’s hard not to say “Nope, bought ’em all at Walmart yesterday!” …which would probably not have the desired result, so I refrain from indulging my imp of the perverse. SO FAR.

I Put A Spell On You

But that’s not what I came here to talk about today. I came to talk about the “too pretty to use” phenomenon, which is probably the most common thing I hear from people talking themselves out of buying. Now, I am certainly pleased and flattered that my products are seen as being objects of beauty in their own right, and I would never dream about complaining about that. My quibble is somewhat more subtle: Where did we get the idea that pretty things are not to be used? That the attractive soap goes in the guest bathroom soap dish, never to be touched, and we must wash ourselves only with things we deem ugly or plain enough? Besides, beauty which is ephemeral is no less beautiful, as sunsets and fresh flowers demonstrate quite well.

I understand it to some degree. After all, an unused item has a pristine air about it, an aura of freshness, almost a purity of purpose, and once it ceases to be unused and becomes half-used, this pristine quality is sullied in some indefinable way. However, a bar of soap has multiple purposes, and its beauty is only one of them – and not the primary one, either. If it is not allowed to go about its other purposes, of bringing cleanliness and happy skin and glorious fragrances to its users, it must therefore go through its little soapy life feeling thwarted and unfulfilled, collecting dust and gradually ceasing even to be beautiful.

Is it not therefore worth learning to appreciate the different kind of beauty found in a half-used bar of soap? Your skin will thank you for it! Besides, you definitely deserve pretty things at least as much as your guests do!

New Stuff, At Long Last!

Illnesses, computer problems, and generalized distraction notwithstanding, I have finally managed to launch the first new product of 2015 – and before January has quite ended, even! So without further delay, I bring you the first-ever collection of Foam on the Range eye shadows, a winter-shading-to-spring palette! These are loose-powder mineral makeup eye shadows, sold in a 10 g jar with a sifter top. Additional springy colors are tentatively slated for late March/early April.

Dust and Roses

Dust and Roses

Dust and Roses: A soft, dusty pink, largely matte with only a hint of shimmer. Beautiful for late-winter afternoons.

Pretty in Mink

Pretty in Mink

Pretty in Mink: Neutral colors are the backbone of any palette! This brown is a cool dark taupe with high shimmer and a tiny hint of gold fleck.

Nothin' But Blue Skies

Nothin’ But Blue Skies

Nothin’ But Blue Skies: You know how sometimes you look up and the sky is such a deep, stunning blue that you know that even if you managed to capture it in a photograph, no one would ever believe it was real? Well, this isn’t that color. But it’s as close as we could come! Shimmer and a hint of sparkle, too.



Quicksilver: A light, subtle silver-gray with beautiful shimmer.

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring: A soft, slightly shimmery green, perfect for capturing the yearning for springtime which sets its teeth firmly into us in late winter. Soothe those winter blahs with a dose of color!

And there you are! The first five eye shadows from Foam on the Range. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! You can find the whole set on Etsy here, and soon on Amazon as well.


One thing that is stunningly, obviously different about my priorities in these days of self-employment: I am genuinely irritated when I get sick right after my vacation instead of while it was still going on. I had worky PLANS, gorramit! I have so many awesome new things I want to be doing, and instead I’ve spent several days mostly sitting on the couch with a box of tissues and a snuggly dog.


…which, OK, it’s hard to complain about the snuggly dog. But still!

Anyway, I think I may be on the mend now, and may soon be able to leap from my sickbed and Do Things, instead of feebly issuing directions in the croak which has served as my voice for the last while. And don’t worry, everyone around here is washing our hands. After all, we have plenty of soap.

That went fast.

Whew, what a whirlwind the last third of 2014 was around here! So very many things happening – mostly good, a few . . . not so good, but on balance, it was a pretty awesome year. And now there’s a whole new year starting! And true to form, we’ve got Plans. Lots and lots of Plans. The first new things should be unveiled later this month, in fact! But in the mean time, a few announcements:

First, we’ve got some changes in our core soap lineup. For one reason or another, Back in the Saddle, Before the Harvest, and Linden Blossom are all retiring. Coming in to replace them will be Gardens by Moonlight, Lemongrass & Clary Sage, and Lilacs in Bloom! The first two are available already, and the third will be along in a few weeks. Exciting!

Gardens by Moonlight

Gardens by Moonlight

We are also narrowing our selection of shampoo bars to 10 varieties, and the downsized scents join the three departing core soaps and an assortment of waning seasonals in our annual GINORMOUS clearance sale, starting today! Everything in the clearance section is 30% off original price.

I think that’ll do for now, but do stay tuned – we’re really excited about some of these new things on the horizon! For now, have fun treasure-hunting in the clearance sale, and happy sudsing!