Spring is Here!

It’s been a long, sparse spell for new Limited Edition releases around here, but the floodgates are about to open! Three spring releases on this the first day of spring, the new Game of Soaps set releases next week, and there are a couple of other special projects in the works, too! And so without further ado, let’s spring!

Plumeria SunSoap

Plumeria! We’ve had a Plumeria soap at Foam on the Range before, but not for a few years. It’s back, and prettier than ever!

Description: Plumeria? Frangipani? Champa? Man, this flower just doesn’t have any names that come trippingly off the (American) tongue, does it? Well, it’s got a heady, sweet, tropical floral scent sufficient to sweep the romantics clean off their feet. So, y’know, deploy with caution, because otherwise we’ll all be tripping over them.

You can find it here for now, and stock will be headed off to Amazon within the week for this and the other items listed here, so keep an eye out there if you prefer to shop Prime.

Gardenia SunSoap

Gardenia is a newcomer to Foam on the Range, and has been long-requested by customers.

Description: Fascinating (to me) trivia of the day: Gardenias are members of the coffee family! NOM NOM NOM wait I probably shouldn’t eat them, huh. Smell, don’t taste. Got it.

ANYWAY. Whatever their family ties, gardenias are beautiful white flowers in a field of dark, glossy green leaves, and smell absolutely delightful. Perfect for fans of strong, powerful floral scents.

You can find it here.

Heather & Hyacinth And last but certainly not least, Heather & Hyacinth! This is another old friend come back for a visit – and a facelift. If you like things a little bit flowery but the first two in this list are just too much for you, this might be right up your alley.

Description: Like a walk on the moors in the springtime! Wildflowers and a hint of hothouse splendor, grassy overtones with deep, calming notes. Delightful and not overpoweringly floral.

Available here.

And don’t forget, more new things coming soon!


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