New Game of Soaps Set!

This year’s Game of Soaps (inspired by Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) set is a bit smaller than last year’s; only four soaps instead of seven. But I’m pretty happy with them anyway! They’re available both on Etsy and on Amazon, though the Amazon availability will have a hiccup soon when I convert them to Fulfilled By Amazon, until their warehouse receives the inventory.

First, Summer Isles, a bright tropical delight.

Summer Islands

Flowers of a thousand different sorts bloom on the Summer Isles, filling the air with their perfume. The trees are heavy with exotic fruits, and a myriad of brightly colored birds flitter through the skies. (A World of Ice and Fire, [George R. R. Martin et al])

Not much seen as yet on screen or page aside from a few mentions as the source of unusual spices, fascinating characters, and beautiful feathers, yet it seems certain that the Summer Isles are a remarkable tropical paradise indeed!

Scent: A tropical fruit frenzy.

Next, Dragonglass, in case of frozen zombie attack.


“I found mention of dragonglass. The children of the forest used to give the Night’s Watch a hundred obsidian daggers every year, during the Age of Heroes.” (Samwell Tarly, A Feast for Crows, [George R. R. Martin])

Dragonglass. Obsidian. Sharp as anything, but brittle and fragile, and so long since put aside in favor of iron and steel weapons. But when the wights come walking, you need a blade with fire in its heart to melt its cold magic. Be sure to keep a piece handy, should you go beyond the wall.

Scent: Smoky and a little dangerous.

Third, Water Gardens, an idyllic retreat.

Water Gardens

“Beautiful and peaceful. Cool breezes, sparkling water, and the laughter of children. The Water Gardens are my favorite place in this world.”  (Doran Martell, A Dance with Dragons [George R. R. Martin])

Built for the first Daenerys Targaryen to mark the union of Dorne with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, the Water Gardens are a beautiful place. Fountains and flowers, marble walkways and arches – and children playing in the pools among the blood orange trees.

Scent: Fresh greens, crisp citrus, and light floral notes.

And last but not least, The Iron Price, to release the kraken.

The Iron Price

A warrior wore only the jewelry he took off the corpses of enemies slain by his own hand. Paying the iron price, it was called. (thoughts of Theon Greyjoy, A Clash of Kings, [George R. R. Martin])

What is dead may never die, say the ironborn, the folk of the Iron Islands, in the ceremonies of their Drowned God. They are a hard people from a hard land, surviving by pillaging the nearby “green lands” and the surrounding seas – making a living by the iron price.

Scent: Waves and salt and sea spray.

And that’s the lot! For now, anyway; there will undoubtedly be more next year, because designing these is a boatload of fun.

Oh, I mustn’t forget this bit:

***NOTE: While this “Game of Soaps” series was inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire universe and HBO’s Game of Thrones TV show, it is not in any way affiliated with anyone or anything of any official nature. It’s just me, having fun.***


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