Foam on the Range Goes To A Con!

We had ourselves a new adventure last weekend: Our first-ever foray into the world of in-person collective SF fandom – specifically, we went to a con. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve both been geeks ever since we were old enough to stumble across something worth geeking over, but we have thus far been largely solitary geeks. And as of this week, for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why!

Of course, we were mostly there to work; we had a table in the dealer room slingin’ soap. But we managed occasional forays out into the greater event. Still, I am in fact here to talk about the soap-selling aspect of the thing, and shall leave, for example, our attendance at the multitudinous parties Saturday evening entirely to the side.


We had so much fun bringing out all the funinspired bysoaps we’ve been working on lately (sadly, I hadn’t managed to make my “I Am Gruit” Hops in the Shower beer soap in time, but I will get it done sooner or later), and while I chickened out on an opportunity to present George R. R. Martin with a set of the soaps inspired by his work, I am still pretty jazzed that I had the opportunity to miss. We will definitely be looking for opportunities to go to more cons in the future – in fact, we’re already laying plans!

Some of the fan favorites from the weekend just past:

Sea Witch, from the inspired-by-Seanan-McGuire's-October Daye series.

Sea Witch, from the inspired-by-Seanan-McGuire’s-October Daye series.

Summer Islands

Summer Isles, from the 2015 Game of Soaps set inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire.

Leaf on the Wind, from the inspired-by-Firefly series (best soap in the 'verse!)

Leaf on the Wind, from the inspired-by-Firefly series (best soap in the ‘verse!)

And next time, we’ll have even more entries in the fannish sets – we’re putting together a Dr. Who set now (to join the already-extant “Petrichor“), and I think the Name of the Wind series wants to have some soap based on it, and really the main problem is getting me to stop coming up with these ideas, honestly.

Anyway, thanks a million, ConQuesT, for making our first con such a blast – and we hope to visit you again next year!


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