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Necessity’s Children

It’s amazing the kinds of things things that leap out, grasp our attention, and say IT MUST BE MINE.  I’ve just seen a silicone mold liner available, and despite the fact that it will almost certainly not fit my existing molds, I really, really want one. Well, no, I want about six of them; there’s no point in only lining one mold, right? But obviously if I buy these, I’d have to buy the molds they fit, and then what would I do with my existing molds? Throw them away? Use them in addition to the new ones but lining them with paper every time? Stick them on a shelf somewhere where they’ll look at me every time I walk into the soap room with the reproachful air common to all tools abandoned before their time?

No. I need a different solution, and the obvious one is: Make my own silicone liners!

So, Project: A Mold For Molds is slated to begin brainstorming this weekend, though actual action will probably not commence for a while, yet. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


…well, some of them. But mostly this is about the new boxes we have to store/transport our fragrances in, so we can take them to shows and make some of our products on-site. I’m really thrilled to have them.

With cap-labels of many colors!

The boxes stack neatly on one another for easy and safe transport, they’re really sturdy and solid, and they’re gorgeous to boot! My father built them for us; he’s a man of many talents.

See? Many talents.

Tonight’s project is labeling and organizing the rest of the fragrance oils. Whew.

New Toy!

Well, OK, I don’t actually have it yet. But I’ve ordered this new mold:

Once I get it, I’ll be able to make soap like this:


Or this:


Or even this:


Here’s a shot of the mold in action:

…and no, none of those are my soaps. But I’ll share pictures of the nifty things I come up with to do with mine when I’ve got it!