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Foam on the Range Goes To A Con!

We had ourselves a new adventure last weekend: Our first-ever foray into the world of in-person collective SF fandom – specifically, we went to a con. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve both been geeks ever since we were old enough to stumble across something worth geeking over, but we have thus far been largely solitary geeks. And as of this week, for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why!

Of course, we were mostly there to work; we had a table in the dealer room slingin’ soap. But we managed occasional forays out into the greater event. Still, I am in fact here to talk about the soap-selling aspect of the thing, and shall leave, for example, our attendance at the multitudinous parties Saturday evening entirely to the side.


We had so much fun bringing out all the funinspired bysoaps we’ve been working on lately (sadly, I hadn’t managed to make my “I Am Gruit” Hops in the Shower beer soap in time, but I will get it done sooner or later), and while I chickened out on an opportunity to present George R. R. Martin with a set of the soaps inspired by his work, I am still pretty jazzed that I had the opportunity to miss. We will definitely be looking for opportunities to go to more cons in the future – in fact, we’re already laying plans!

Some of the fan favorites from the weekend just past:

Sea Witch, from the inspired-by-Seanan-McGuire's-October Daye series.

Sea Witch, from the inspired-by-Seanan-McGuire’s-October Daye series.

Summer Islands

Summer Isles, from the 2015 Game of Soaps set inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire.

Leaf on the Wind, from the inspired-by-Firefly series (best soap in the 'verse!)

Leaf on the Wind, from the inspired-by-Firefly series (best soap in the ‘verse!)

And next time, we’ll have even more entries in the fannish sets – we’re putting together a Dr. Who set now (to join the already-extant “Petrichor“), and I think the Name of the Wind series wants to have some soap based on it, and really the main problem is getting me to stop coming up with these ideas, honestly.

Anyway, thanks a million, ConQuesT, for making our first con such a blast – and we hope to visit you again next year!

Market Pickup of Orders Now Available!

As many of you know, we are attending the Kansas Grown Farmer’s Market (21st and Ridge) this season, and last Saturday was a fantastic start! We can’t wait for this weekend to get here to do it all over again. But here’s the thing: While we will be doing our best to bring a rotating selection of product to the market, space (and, later in the year, temperature) constraints mean not everything will get its day in the sun – and even if your favorite product comes to market sometimes, if it’s not there on the day you’re there, that doesn’t do you too much good, does it?

Well, we have an answer to this conundrum: We have created an Etsy coupon code which will allow you to shop online and pick up your order at the market, rather than paying to have it shipped to you. Use code MARKETPICKUP at checkout to take advantage of this deal, and we’ll have your order waiting for you bright and early Saturday morning!

Order Deadlines and Other Stuff

Yep, it’s that time again – that time when I list out the deadlines for placing an order that you can expect to be delivered on or before Dec. 24. This year it’s a little more complicated than in years past, so bear with me here.

Orders received either on Etsy or for seller-fulfilled items on Amazon by Friday, December 19 will ship via Priority mail on Saturday, December 20, which should have them delivered by Wednesday, December 24. Exceptions include perfumes and lip balms purchased on their own (not part of a larger order), which usually ship via First Class mail, and any bath bombs not in stock and therefore needing to be made to order. Sadly, that latter is hard to tell without asking – but I’ll be happy to check for you and let you know what’s on hand at the moment in question! Upgrades to Priority Mail Express (1-2 day shipping) are available on Etsy – but fair warning, mailing things that fast is crazy expensive, so it costs $20 to upgrade your order. Orders placed over the December 20-21 weekend will go out Monday, December 22 and will very likely still arrive by December 24, but I’m less inclined to offer a guarantee.

Whew! That all seems complicated enough already! But wait, there’s more! Any Amazon-listed items we have which are Fulfilled By Amazon are therefore subject to Amazon’s shipping deadlines, not the ones outlined above. Which means, since Amazon’s shipping apparatus lets them ship stuff faster than I can, that with Prime two-day shipping you can order up to Monday, December 22, or upgrade to next-day shipping and order on Tuesday.

…OK, that’s pretty much covered those bases, I think. Let me know if anything is unclear and I’ll try to simple it up somewhat. Now, on to the next things: Shows! We have two more in-person appearances scheduled this year. This weekend we’ll be at the Holiday Swing in Kansas City’s West Bottoms district on Friday and Saturday. Details below or click the photo for an event link!

Holiday Swing 2014 promo picture

And last but not (to us, anyway) least, our open house! This year we’re joining forces with another local Wichita artisan, the ever-awesome Wildfire Accessories and putting on a joint show on December 13 from 10-6. Details below or click the photo for an event link!

2014 Open House Flyer

Right! I think that’s all my important announcements announced for now. Hope to see you at one of our last couple of events, or if you can’t make it, well, the online stores will always be there for you!

A Snapshot From A Show Weekend

We’ve cruised right on in into the busiest six weeks of the year, here at Foam on the Range, and couldn’t be happier! We went to our fifth Buttons & Bows in Manhattan, KS this past weekend, driving up on Friday and making our annual visit to the Little Apple Brewery for dinner to treat ourselves after setting up for Saturday’s show, then catching some sleep before heading back to put the finishing touches on our booth in the morning.

Then it was busy busy busy all day – and thank you so much to all of you who came by. Shows are a lot of work, but getting to talk face-to-face with customers and hear your stories really does make the whole thing worthwhile.

After the show was over, we packed up, loaded the remaining stock back in the car, and set out for home. We ended up driving through a beautiful prairie sunset in the Flint Hills (just exactly the sort of thing that inspired the Prairie Twilight soap in the first place) of which we dutifully attempted to snap a photo from the passenger seat. Sadly, it doesn’t manage to convey anything like the breathtaking scope of the 270-degree panorama of riotous colors, but it’s pretty anyway.


And then it was home and time for rest and recovery and then back to work! We’ve only got a few more appearances left this year – the Topeka Holiday Gift Mart (Nov. 22-23) and the Holiday Swing Fair in Kansas City (Dec. 5-6), and then an open house here in Wichita about which we’ll announce more details later – but we hope you can stop in at one of them.

If you can’t make it to any of our shows the rest of this year but still want to give the gift of Foam this holiday season, do please drop by the Etsy or Amazon shop and take a look around.

Autumn in Waiting

I love autumn.

Let me back up. In one sense, I have been known to say that my favorite season is always whichever one is next. I love to look ahead and anticipate the joys of each season as the old one begins to drag on past its welcome. Winter’s first frost is thrilling, but it grows dreary and dull by late February, and I always cheer to see the first bits of green appear, heralding spring’s arrival. And yet by spring’s end, I am weary of the soggy, endless rains and ready for some clear, bright, dry, sunshine. But by late August, the heat has baked my brain silly, and I can’t wait for the first crisp, cool fall morning, or the smell of burning leaves.

So, right now, I’m primed to be antsy for autumnal things, but really, it’s my most favorite season of all, however much I love the others. And yes, in three months or so I’ll be tired of dead leaves and brown grass and looking forward to a bit of snow, but that’s all in the future!

I’m especially eager for autumn this year because I have so many awesome fall soaps queued up to share with you over the next two months – and now that September is here, I can even do so without feeling quite so silly as I did talking about autumn in August! School is back in session just about everywhere, and while the first turning leaves are a few weeks away here in Kansas, I can at least begin to anticipate them.

Fresh Fallen Leaves in the mold (forthcoming Oct. 2)

Fresh Fallen Leaves in the mold (forthcoming Oct. 2)


And fall craft fair season is just about to begin! This Saturday will find us at Absolute Vintage Boutique for their Vintage Girl outdoor market. It’ll be our first time at one of their markets, and I’m looking forward to it! If you’re out and about in the west part of Wichita (near Maple and Ridge) on Saturday, stop by and see us and the other awesome vendors. It’ll be a great time!

Upcoming Shows

It may be only mid-August, but if I step outside right now I hear children in the playground at the school a block away, and so far as my mind is concerned, that means summer is over – and that, in turn, sets me thinking about fall craft shows!

Now, summer isn’t really over – the Lincoln Heights Village farmers market at Douglas and Oliver will be taking up my Wednesday mornings for many weeks to come. But even while that goes on, the craft fair season is going to be ramping up on the weekends! As always, you can find a calendar listing our forthcoming activities on the Find Us page here. Shows marked with a “**” are planned but not yet finalized, for one reason or another, so if you’re going to one of those shows and want to be sure you’ll see us there, you might want to check back a bit closer to the time to make sure we got the last few ducks in a row and will in fact be there.

The first non-farmers market show of this fall season will be on Sept. 7, the Vintage Girl Outdoor Market at Absolute Vintage Boutique – which currently shows on the calendar as not-finalized, but that’s just because I haven’t got the paperwork in yet (oops)! Still, if nothing goes wrong, we expect to be there, and would love to see you.

The other September show is Cider Days in Topeka, Sept. 21-22. We went to this show two years ago and are very excited about going back this year!

October is fully booked, as you can see from the calendar, and should be a lot of fun. I’ll post more about the October shows when they’re a bit less far off.

We’re still looking around for shows to fill up more weekends in November and December.  Have a crafty festival or show in your neck of the prairie at which you’d like to see Foam on the Range? Drop us a line and we’ll check it out!

Hope to see you at some of these shows!

Out and About, Spring 2013 Edition

The spring show season has crept up on us, and is about to head into full force! Check out the calendar here!

  • The show rush starts off with a return to the Bluebird Arthouse on April 20 for another Art Market! These are always a lot of fun, and I expect this one to be no different.
  • The next Saturday, April 27, will find us out near Benton at the Red Barn Outdoor Market – we first attended this show last fall, and it was fantastic.
  • We’ll be spending the afternoon of Sunday, May 5 at the Artisan Affair, a fundraiser for KETCH.
  • May 11 is the Spring Fling market at Food for Thought, also always fun. We love these markets!
  • June 6, 7, and 8 is the Riverfest Market at Century II’s Exhibition Hall.

…and that’s as far in advance as we’re planning right now, but it’s going to be a busy couple of months, for sure! Hope to see you at some of these events.