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Product Profile: Shower Gel/Liquid Soap

Shower Gel

While shower gels and similar body washes are a mainstay of most modern bathing, it proved a peculiarly difficult product for me to perfect, remaining for a long time watery, thin, and generally unsatisfactory. But I finally hit upon the right combination of ingredients and technique to produce a rich, thick soap without having to resort to artificial thickeners or other crutches, and was overjoyed to add it to our lineup early this year. It was a very commonly requested item before the launch, and has proven quite popular since.

While bar soap will always be our first love, liquid soap is has its advantages, particularly in convenience. Made with real hot-process liquid soap, our shower gel is a real bathtime treat. Carefully formulated with the perfect oil blend for great lather (castor oil, a touch of coconut oil) and wonderful skin conditioning (sunflower oil, avocado oil), this is a great addition to anyone’s bath product collection. 99%+ natural!

Our selection of shower gels can be found here – and remember, this is one of the products which we can blend up for you at shows while you wait!

Fragrance Profile: Gingerbread

A seasonal favorite, Gingerbread is a rich, sweet, spicy scent that is guaranteed to make your mouth water.


Listing-text: “This is the quintessential holiday fragrance, with some additional spice notes to give it that extra spark of caraway seed, cinnamon, cardamom with vanilla to warm up and complement the spices.”

I stumbled upon this fragrance almost by accident; it was part of a holiday sampler set from one of my suppliers, and I might not have sought out otherwise. But I’m so glad I did! It’s absolutely decadent and delicious. Try it in a Whipped Body Butter – but remember, it may look like whipped cream and smell like cookies, but it doesn’t actually taste very good!

Gingerbread-scented products can be found here.

Fragrance Profile: Plum Tea

This is a fantastic fragrance for late summer/early fall; the rich, dark fruitiness is leavened by soft florals and some darker notes to create an effect perfectly suited for the falling temperatures and shorter days.

Plum Tea SunSoap

The description from the listing text: “This clean fruity floral has a beguiling soft freshness. After beautiful white tea and damask plum and herb notes, this fragrance is beautifully supported with sweet notes of honeydew melon, quince apple, lily of the valley and chamomile. The fragrance finishes with a touch of black tea to add depth and tamp down on the sweetness. Absolutely irresistible.”

It’s been a favorite around here ever since I brought it out early this year, but I really do think it’s coming into its own in the autumn. Check out the deliciousness for yourself here.

Fragrance Profile: Ginger Pear

Summer is waning here, and while she undoubtedly has a few scorchers in reserve to throw at us yet, my thoughts at least have turned toward cooler weather. I’ve been thinking a lot about food-related fragrances lately, and the Ginger Pear scent is definitely pretty high on that list.

Ginger Pear SunSoap

The listing description is as follows: “The mouthwatering aroma of fresh, ripe pears combines deliciously with the spiciness of the ginger to create this gorgeous blend.” As fruity/spicy scents go, it’s fairly subtle, with the pear scent predominating and the ginger supporting from below, and it’s phenomenal.

This fragrance was discontinued for a while, but I’ve recently brought it back for a limited edition run due to popular request, and if there’s enough demand it may be back to stay. It’ll be around for the next little while, anyway, so enjoy it while you can!

You can find all of our products in this fragrance here.

Fragrance Profile: Energy

It’s Midsummer (summer solstice) today, and so it seems appropriate to profile a particularly summery fragrance: Energy!

First the listing-text: “A stimulating blend of citrus, including grapefruit, lemon and lime, with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine, and a touch of pineapple, blackberry and champagne. Energy is an exciting mix that’s perfect for spring and summer.”

This fruit-filled, fresh fragrance matches well with the blend of colors in the soap in this scent:

Four-color marbled swirl.

I love this fragrance so much. It’s bright, fresh, and invigorating; the perfect way to wake up in the morning and get ready to face the day. It’s very versatile, too, suiting itself wonderfully to every product we’ve ever tried putting it in – the current list of which is available here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!